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Questions disagree
1) You prefer to learn things you can apply quickly in your field, learning things that have no useful implementation is ultimately a waste of time.
2) You often find yourself comparing your current lifestyle or period with the experiences you've had in the past.
3) Maintaining close relationships with other people and getting appreciated by others is really important to you.
4) You often refuse to do or believe something because it doesn't make logical sense to you. How can people ignore these clear signals?
5) People may think you're carefree, but you're just trying to enjoy life and what it gives without having too much troubles.
6) Noticing and taking care of people's problems is really easy, but looking deep into yourself is more difficult.
7) When talking with someone, you immediately try to relate what the other person is saying to his/her life condition, happiness or their personality. You like to investigate behind what's being said.
8) When solving a problem, you find innovative solutions based on what you've learned in the past, changing and adjusting things according to your task.
9) When a situation comes up, you immediately try to sense what is the right thing to do, depending on your morals and personal experience with the matter.
10) You can't stand disorganization and like to keep things under control in your environment.
11) You consider yourself a realist and you're a very practical, hands-on type of person.
12) Once you've made a mistake, you won't repeat it. You remember your mistakes very well.
13) Most of the time, people can't think straight. You think they refuse to ponder and they always ask others for advice. You don't do that, you prefer to think with your own mind, even if it may lead you to a wrong conclusion. There's always room for learning.
14) When you think, images come to your mind and it's like watching a movie where the world moves based on what you've observed about it.
15) Deciding for something definite is hard for you since you've got too many outcomes on your mind.
16) Even though you can chit-chat easily with other people, you always have a mysterious side you don't show to everyone you meet.
17) You are able to distinguish the correct way to speak to someone depending on their social status, level of confidence etc. You got a certain tact for this.
18) You often think out loud. It helps you to see errors in your logic and rationalize what you're saying.
19) You pay a lot of attention to your look; your style, your hair and your general hygiene are always on top.
20) You're extremely independent and you like to figure out your own way to solve problems. You don't like when it's all settled.
21) You can easily see many sides of an argument, to judge it from your personal perspective.
22) You're concerned with following a particular way of thinking that has proven itself to be correct or useful. You don't change idea so easily.
23) You notice subtle details about people or the external world around you and you use them to make your own theories, that may be right or wrong.
24) Sometimes you think people exhibit fake or manipulative behavior to gain something. You get really angry when you notice that.
25) You expect others to talk to you with emotional clarity, as you already do that with them. People need to tell you how they feel clearly.
26) More than focusing on logical consistency, you look for objective opinions about something. You ask yourself "will this work?" rather than "how will this work?".
27) No matter the emergency you're in, you're able to quickly make decisions and act. No need to stay too much in your head if you're not gonna move.
28) You think nothing is absolutely true. Analyzing something in depth is the only way to understand it.
29) You may feel dissatisfied with how your life is going and you may think it's time to "change air", be with your lifestyle, your relationships etc. You always have new ideas on how to live and you try to pursue them.
30) When meeting someone, the way they're dressed provides some interesting information.
31) You dislike having to change some habits that have played an important role in your life. Your comfort zone can be pretty large.
32) You want to have an impact on the world and express yourself for who you are. Appreciation shouldn't come from others if you know your own way.
33) You are an excellent listener, and you try to make people feel at ease when they talk to you.
34) You have rarely been doubtful in your life. You know what you want, and you obtain it most of the time.
35) Apart from the past and the future, the thing you must fully immerse yourself in is the present. You can get impatient if you don't get quick results with something.
36) You can appear "in your head" or daydreaming because you're not always thinking about what you see but you also create mental imagery that's not related to your external environment.
37) When deciding how to work on something, the first thing you do is analyze everything you're gonna work with. From small details and observations you get the entire framework you have to follow to solve that problem.
38) When someone talks with you, your memory stores all sorts of informations about that person. You can easily recall the facts you heard and think about them.
39) You are able to see possible mistakes before that happens. Someone may call you paranoid, but deep down you know that some things must be avoided.
40) You don't judge others because of the way they live. At the same time, you do not want to be judged for who you are. We're all free after all.
41) When deciding something, you think a lot about the impact of that decision on other people connected to you (family, friends, etc.). How they'll react and their approval are things that you value a lot.
42) When people search for an advice, you always concentrate on facts they give you and try to drive them into a rational solution. Feelings would just get in the way, even if the other person's looking for them.
43) You're a kinestethic/visual learner and for you it's really easy to learn by doing. Getting your hands in practical stuff comes really natural.
44) When you have to solve a problem, you concentrate on finding possible solutions first, then you stick to one that actually solves your problem. If it works, you tend not to change it.
45) You communicate tactfully with people. You may beat around the bush for problems in order to make people realize them, instead of telling them the truth straight away. Being blunt could be offensive to someone.
46) You are extremely good at brainstorming, but dealing with the details of your ideas is slighty more difficult.
47) You often speak with analogies and metaphors just to make your interlocutor understand better your concepts.
48) You need to process all of your emotions and this can take a lot of time. You feel a lot deeply inside but it's hard for you to easily talk about your emotions.
49) When you need to absorb an information from some kind of source, you try to look for inconsistencies in information. Flawed logic makes you realize what's actually happening.
50) You're the kind of person everyone would look at if there was an immediate task to do without too much planning.
51) You may appear bossy, but you only do that to make people listen to you. You're able to solve everyone's problems better than they do.
52) Hearing some song, looking at some photo or having some kind of experience may reawaken lost memories in you, or deja-vus.
53) You can get confrontational when people step on your values. This is also the most effective way for other people to know what you actually care about.
54) You love engaging in philosophical or theoretical debates. You can be passionate about your ideas even if they're not practical.
55) You "know" what's the real meaning behind someone's question to you. Kind words don't fool you.
56) You tend to use precise language, and don't like when others don't do it. Altering words can change the meaning of what's being said, so you may ask for a clarification later.